FAQs – Frequently asked questions

Where is the meeting point?

The meeting point in Sinswang for the courses of all levels are located in front of the ski school office.

The meeting point for the courses at Hündle are for Bambinis and Kids ( level A1,A2 and B1) at the kids area at the valley station. The levels B2, red and black meet in front of the ski school office at the vallex station at Hündle resort.

Do I need a reservation for group courses?

We recommend you make a reservation through our website or by e-mail. In the high season it can happen that the group courses are fully booked. Online booking is possible until 2 days before the course starts

At what age can children attend a course?

We offer group ski courses for children from the age of four. 

All group lessons are three hours in the morning, during vacations also in the afternoon.

Private lessons are also available for younger children on request.

Can parents attend the first lessons of the little ones?

Parents should inform the ski instructor on the first day if there is anything special, e.g. if a child has an illness. After this conversation the parents have to keep their distance. Experience shows that it works better when the parents are not around. It is also important to prepare the children well for the ski school and to explain to them how everything works.

Is it possible to book a group course with a specific teacher?

Basically yes. You can tell us which teacher you wish to have. However, in the case of group courses we cannot guarantee that we can fulfill your wish!

How early do we have to book a private instructor?

The earlier the better! Certain times or weeks can be booked quickly depending on availability. However bookings at short notice are also possible. Reservations can be made not only at our office, but also by phone or e-mail. Private courses for individuals usually take place in the afternoon. Private lessons for groups and families normally take place in the morning.

Is it possible to manage the time when parents and children visit the ski course?

Yes, the collection is for everyone at 9:15 . The children and adults usually meet at the same meeting point. The children are picked up at the same place and are always looked after until their parents pick them up again!

Can our children be in a group together?

In our ski school children are divided into groups according to their age and skiing ability. If your children can ski at the same level you may inform our staff by registration. We will do our best to put them in one group!

Should the children not ski equally well  the child who skis better would have to take the weaker child into consideration!

How is the grouping done?

Many of our guests visited us before. The children receive a certificate or a skiing booklet. Depending on those recognitions we do our first categorization. If you visit our ski school for the first time the grouping takes place after a questioning in assessment of driving skills, age and language. At the first skiing day there is also a test drive where the instructors see if the assigned group is suitable for your child. If not it is still possible to change groups.

How many children are in one group?

All courses we have a restriction of 4-7 persons per teacher. In absolute exceptional cases there can also be 8 attendees.

Is it possible to visit the group courses for only one day?

It is possible to visit the group courses for one day. But to learn as much as possible we recommend you to visit the course for at least three days. Our program for group courses is build up for the whole week.

Is it possible to do a testing day?

Yes it is possible to do a testing day. You pay the usual price for one day. But the course must be extended at the end of the day in office.

Do we have to do the course for five days or can we also do less days?

Our program for groups is set up for five days. At the end of the week we have a ski race and a ceremony where every child gets a medal.  To get to the wished level it is best if you take the five days of ski courses. But it is also possible to book less!

Are the rates different if you book a 3-day course first and then add 2 days of classes later?

Yes,the extra day from the 4th day costs € 40 .

Can we also start a course during the week?
Normally our grouping is done Saturday and Monday. For first timers it is only possible upon request. For kids and teens is a daily course entry possible during peak time (Christmas and carnival).
Do the ski course days have to be taken in a row

Yes the days must follow each other.The groups continuewith the program and learn something new every day.

Are there full-day group courses for children?

We already had this in our offer earlier, but our experience has shown that there is not enough demand in Oberstaufen.

Do you get the money back if the children do not like it?

Basically you can only get the money back if you have a medical certificate (illness, injury). However we will refund the course fee for the following days after the first day of the course if the children do not like it ( test day for Bambini).

If you don't like the course, is it possible to change to private lessons?

Depending on the availability of teachers, it is also possible to change from group to private lessons.

Can I change to the Hündle ski course if there is a lack of snow in the Sinswang ski area?

Yes, if there is not enough snow in Sinswang the booked course will take place at Hündle. 

Which languages do your instructors speak?

Our group courses are offered in German and English. Depending on availability we also have dutch, French and Spanish speaking teachers.

Can we pay by credit card?

Yes, we accept the usual credit cards.

Is the ski pass included in the ski course ?

The ski passes have to be bought additionally. If you have the Oberstaufen + card in your accommodation this is also your lift ticket.

Where can I buy ski passes?

The passes can be bought at the ticket office of the ski resorts. The ticket offices are located at the valley stations.

Is the equipment included in the price?

The equipment is not included in the price. It can be lend at the sport shops at the valley stations.

Is there also a ski rental or do you work together with a sports store?

The ski school itself has no ski rental. But there are several sports stores in Oberstaufen. We work together with all of them very well but there are no special conditions for ski course guests. Directly at the valley station of the Hündleresort and the ski lifts Sinswang there is the ski rental of Sport Hauber.

Can I book now and cancel later if the activity cannot take place because of COVID-19?

Yes, you can! If you book now, but your plans have to change because of COVID-10, you won’t lose any money. You always have these 2 options:

Reschedule the activity (with or without a fixed date)
Cancellation of your booking with full refund*, * You will get a full refund if one of these conditions occurs:

 1. your provider has to cancel the activity for reasons related to the virus.

 2. new restrictions from a government agency prohibit the activity itself or travel to your activity.

3. you cannot participate in your activity due to a COVID infection or an ordered quarantine** ** A doctor’s note or other form of proof is required. The booking must be cancelled at least 24 hours before the start of the activity.


Important information for parents

With your help you make it easier for your child to start in ski school.


  • Prepare your child for the ski school so that he or she can start with joy.
  • Bring your child to the meeting point on time and pick it up again in time.
  • Let your child be alone with the instructor during the lessons. You can observe your child from distance. The Kinderland itself is a "parent-free zone”.
  • If you trust the ski instructor your child will enjoy playing with the equipment and snow.
  • Do not put loose scarves on your child.
  • warm clothes, dry gloves, skiing boots, a good ski goggle and sun protection is very important.
  • Wearing a helmet is obligatory.
  • We recommend back protection for the levels red and black.
  • Inform the ski instructor about allergies and health restrictions of your child.
  • Children in beginner lessons do not need ski sticks.
  • Accident and liability insurance are the responsibility of the participants.

Snowboard lesson schedule and content


"…for all snowboard first timers who want to learn a modern technique from scratch."

Day 1:

  • Warm up
  • Get to know the material and equipment
  • Get used to the board with exercises
  • Rise and fall properly
  • Sliding in the plane
  • Brake and stop
  • Sloping slide

Day 2:

  • Warm up
  • Fix sloping slides
  • First curves
  • Exercise and strengten curves
  • Lift riding

Day 3:

  • Warm up
  • Improving curves on blue slopes

Getting used to the board, find position and slip diagonally, leading to first curves

BASICS | Blue 1

"...for all who stood on the board before but still have problems with turns and riding blue slopes."

Day 1:

  • Warm up
  • Rise and fall properly
  • Slide in the plane, brake and stop
  • Sloping slide
  • Developing and improving first curves

Day 2:

  • Warm up
  • Fix sloping slides
  • Improving first curves
  • Training connected curves
  • Lift riding

Day 3:

  • Warm up
  • Strengthen curves on blue slopes

Stabilizing the right position on the board, safe turns on blue slopes

BASICS | Blue 2

"...for all who stood on the board before, ride controlled turns on blue slopes and want to improve their technique."

Day 1:

  • Warm up
  • Improve first turns
  • Train riding turns on blue slopes

Day 2:

  • Warm up
  • Train curves with regard to curve radius and angle
  • First freestyle elements

Day 3:

  • Warm up
  • Strengthen Turns on blue and red slopes
  • Build freestyle elements in our rides

Stabilizing the right position on the board, safe turns with first freestyle elements

ADVANCED | Red – upon request

"...for all advanced Snowboarders who want to improve technique, turning skills and position."

Day 1:

  • Warm up
  • Repeat rise and fall properly
  • Find the right position on the board
  • Repeat curve technique
  • Exercise turns

Day 2:

  • Warm up
  • Ride turns with freestyle elements
  • Switch rides
  • Exercise turns
  • First experiences in FunPark

Stabilizing the right position on the board, riding safe and controlled turns with freestyle elements

EXPERTS | Black – upon request

"...for all experts who ride forward and backwards on red slopes. Here we put the focus on freestyletricks, carving and leave the normal slope behind us and ride in the park or off piste.."

Day 1:

  • Warm up
  • Repeat how to rise and fall properly
  • Stabilize the right position on the board
  • Curving technique on red slopes
  • Curving technique with new freestyle elements
  • Curving technique for the black slopes
  • Carving technique

Day 2:

  • Warm up
  • Ride curves switch
  • Fun park with Boardslides and jumps on easy kickers
  • Offpiste and mogul fields

Holding the right position in every situation, freestyle-,offpiste-, carving technique

Privat Coaching – upon request

"...in this way we can adapt the contents of the course directly to your wishes, expectations and your driving skills and work effectively."

we also like to come to you… because on well known slopes it is more relaxed
otherwise we know many of the best course spots in the Allgäu and the Alps.

tell us where you want to improve. We develop the course that is tailored to you.


  • individual technique training adapted to your wishes
  • Movement training using video analysis
  • methodical course structure